Recording the Data

Now the catch has been placed in the holding container we are required to identify and measure each specimen before returning them to the waterway. Where possible use a net to minimise handling. It is also a good idea to use the marked measuring board to establish the size class of each specimen. Some fish and crustaceans in this habitat may have spines so take care. If you are not sure please wear a pair of gloves to protect your fingers when handling the catch.


Given the need to keep fish alive and transferred back to the water as soon as possible, it can be difficult to identify fish to species level, particularly if they are a juvenile specimens.  Reference photographs are one way many of the fish can be identified. Of course there is no substitute for experience in the field!

Crustaceans, especially juvenile prawns can also be difficult to identify. If you are not sure take a photograph of the specimen and refer it to an expert from Mangrove Watch or Wetland Care Australia. There are many good websites which might also be able to assist you in identifying a specimen.
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Printable Nekton Processing Notes


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Printable Fish ID Guide

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Fish ID Page

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You can always laminate this page for use in the field. 

Length is from the tip of the head to the end of the tail.

Video Large Mudcrab in Catch


 Remove larger aggressive specimens first!

Video Processing the Catch


It is important to process nekton quickly and reduce handling time


Once have everything in place including equipment you can start to retrieve, identify and record the data. Adhere to the following process:

  • Remove larger or aggressive specimens first
  • Use the net and place the specimen on the measuring board
  • Identify the species using the ID resources
  • Call out size class and record on data sheet

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