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This portal has been designed to provide volunteers or citizen scientists with the basic information on saltmarsh ecology and monitoring methodology. This site also has a number of learning activities including video presentations and downloadable resources designed to enhance the quality of data collected from community based projects associated with saltmarsh habitat. This portal provides multimedia information and resources to enhance the learning process for teachers and students interested in the saltmarsh ecology of South East Queensland. Registered course participants who complete all of the activities including the quizzes will receive a "Certificate of Completion". To participate in the course just log in and register using the button at the top right hand corner of this page. Subjects include:


Saltmarsh Ecology   Fish Monitoring   Vegetation   Water Quality

Bob Crudgington (Course Coordinator)


The Director of MangroveWatch, Jock Mackenzie provides an overview of the values of the saltmarsh habitat

Course Structure

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This website is based on a series of learning activities. These learning resources include information through video presentations and reflective activities including review quizzes to enhance the learning experience. A number of these activity modules will be summarised with the following icons:


These modules contain presentations, video clips and readings to inform the learner on the subject matter.
These modules contain reflective activities including, short answer questions, polls and multiple choice questions to assist the learner ininterpreting information and applying it to their own experience
These modules provide further information in relation to reflective activities and scenarios.


Manic Multimedia Learning would like to acknowledge the contribution from a number of partners in this project including Jock Mackenzie from Mangrove Watch, Ross Johnston (James Cook University) for his contribution to the fisheries (nekton) section, Cheryl Bolzenius from WetlandCare Australia and volunteers from the Redcliffe Environmental Forum Inc.


The saltmarsh monitoring methodology presented in the portal has been developed by the James Cook University Mangrove Watch team in collaboration with volunteer workers from WetlandCare Australia and the Redcliffe Environmental Forum. The monitoring methods include vegetation, epifauna, water quality monitoring and nekton sampling. All the images and information on ecology are based on saltmarsh habitat in South East Queensland and in particular the Bremner Road Saltmarsh Project bordering Hays Inlet in Moreton Bay.

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